Yeah so, I may have gone into panic mode with my last post. I have a habit of doing that, overthinking and making things out to be horrific before they have even happened.

Hunter isn’t going to Pelican Bay. So maybe God heard me that night!!

It’s come to my attention that this blog has gotten off course and isn’t serving the purpose I originally intended. My original intention was to use this as a way to get my story out to hopefully help someone who has been through some of things I have and also to serve as a possible outline for a book.

It’s just turned into more of a whiny diary. So I am going to take a step back and re-evaluate it. Perhaps I’ll be deleted some posts that are irrelevant. However, I have transferred the blog to a Word document just incase I decide to get that book going! A typical book has 20,000-40,000 words and so far this blog is at 10,000. I have some writing to do!!

I’ll be back with quality posts rather than just pushing posts out there that are nonsense. Thanks for sticking around to read, those of you who haven’t left me yet!!


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