Three Years

A lot could happen in three years. Babies can be born. People die. My 13 year old will be 16, my 15 year old will be in college. I’ll be 42. The lease will be up on my Regal. Hopefully I’ll be done with my prerequisites for the nursing program. My boyfriend and I could break up. 

Like I said- three years is a long time. 

That’s what my oldest son will be sentenced to soon. 3 years. It’s not a life time. It’s not 10 years. He’s not getting sent to death row. 

But for a kid (he’s 19) who has spent more of his life since he was 13 IN jail than out, it seems like forever. 

As a mom I have mixed emotions. It’s my son so of course I’m sad. But I’m also relieved because I know he’ll be safe (which is relative in prison). 

It has been an exhausting battle with him. It seems we only get along and grow closer when he is in jail, which is depressing. 

Ah. Motherhood is grand. This is just a little excerpt of what is to come in my story. I know that I broke my storyline by jumping ahead to the present but don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come. 

Good night!

2 thoughts on “Three Years”

  1. I feel for you…. As a son I have been a pain to my mom, I don’t mean to proselytize you, but if you are a christian turn your hopes to God. If not keep hoping. I have been institutionalized several times in my life of my own volition. (because I am (was ) an alcoholic. Trust me being institutionalized does not work. It just stops you for a period of time. Pray for a change in his heart to your higher power (what ever that maybe). All children can feel the genuine pain in a mothers heart…. no matter how criminal they are. It worked for my mom, and it will help you too.

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  2. I love you so much. Truly. I’ve always admired your strength and how you manage to wear a smile all the time. I liked you from the moment I met you and I’m so grateful we are friends. Reading all of this makes me cry for your childhood and things you’ve endured. But I am also incredibly proud of the woman you became, and of your will to do better. Keep writing, you have a gift.

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